Friday, September 14, 2018

Birds of Pandemonium; Life Among the Exotic and the Endangered by Michelle Raffin

This was a very interesting and absorbing book—and I'm not even a birder (though I do love reading about animals and wildlife).

I loved the stories of individual birds and their relationships with each other and their people.

I loved the way the family's life transformed, all beginning with one little injured bird on the side of the road.

I loved the warmth on so many pages.

I love the pictures—though not all the animals Raffin talked about were represented.

It did skip around confusingly in a few places, and sometimes the chapters (which were mostly more like individual essays) would end on what felt like cliffhangers that were not really resolved in the next chapter (or ever).

But what an unexpected pleasure—this random book I found on the library shelves. 

Recommended to anyone interested in animals.

4+ stars

Michelle Raffin with a Victoria crowned pigeon:

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