Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bear Canyon Lake, Arizona

This is Bear Canyon Lake in the Rim Lakes area of the Mogollon Rim.  On the beautiful day we went, there were only 2.5 other boats on the whole lake (the point five boat was this strange fishing contraption where you pretty much sat half submerged in the water and paddled around with your feet.) 

I think the quietness is because it's a bit of a drive on a dirt road and there's no boat ramp, so we had to haul my new inflatable kayak down the trail to the lake--something we could never have done with our huge canoe.  However, I hear there's alternate access from the road to the east of the lake, if you ever decide to go with your small carry-able boat.  Either way, on the upstream end we had the entire lake to ourselves.  So peaceful.

We saw two huge tree-top nests which might have belonged to the ospreys who were flying around. 

Very nice place.

And on the drive back, we saw this:

Not as exciting as the bear my dad and brother once saw near Bear Canyon Lake, but thrilling nonetheless. 

I love the Rim.

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