Friday, November 26, 2021

Sacred Datura

Here are some close-ups of the fruit and the not-yet-blooming flower of the sacred datura plant (Datura wrightii).  The flowers are huge and beautiful when they bloom in the afternoon and through the night, attracting their hawkmoth pollinators.  

Be careful:  the plant is poisonous (and/or hallucinogenic) and can be irritating even to the skin.  

I took these pictures between Roosevelt Lake and Young, Arizona.


Monday, November 22, 2021

California Condors on Navajo Bridge, Arizona

I've always wanted to see a California Condor.  This largest of all North American land birds nearly went extinct in the 80s.  They captured all the remaining animals, bred them in captivity, and then began re-releasing them.  One of the main release areas is the Grand Canyon and the Vermillion Cliffs area of Arizona.  I'd read that you can sometimes see them at Marble Canyon / Navajo Bridge.  When we stopped there this summer I thought, "Yeah, I won't see condors."  But I did!  

Sitting on the bridge.

Flying above us.


Here's 54:A male born in 2004, released in 2006.  

If you spot one and can get its number, ask at the information center to get the details.  I also spotted 2Y, a juvenile female born 2019 and just released last year, plus a couple of others.  

At one point four were flying in circles above us at the visitor center, a couple quite close for a time.  It was awesome.  Everyone there was just standing, looking up.  I loved it.  

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Jacob Lake, Arizona

Okay, I know this is about three years late, but was on a walk up near Jacob Lake in northern Arizona this summer, and I saw this broom just lying on the ground.  I couldn't resist. 

Here I am, sweeping the forest.  You're welcome.  :)  


Thursday, November 4, 2021

Chipmunk at Cedar Breaks

 Just sitting here eating.  Why are you taking pictures of me???

Picture taken in August