Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Getaway, by Zoje Stage

I really enjoyed this.  I loved the backpacking prep and descriptions and Tilda's adjusting to backpacking life.  I loved the descriptions of the Canyon.  I loved the creepy beginning to their troubles.  I enjoyed the characterization of the three friends, though—yes—some of the internal monologue might have been trimmed a bit since it did border on repetitive at times. 

Gale was a really interesting character.

I did wonder occasionally at decisions the friends made. [SPOILER ALERT!  SPOILER ALERT].  Like, that first night after meeting Gale, WHY ON EARTH don't you hike farther and/or set a watchman????  A few other times I think the three of them could have overpowered him, but I understand why fear/caution/disbelief might interfere with that.  [END SPOILERS]

It was a tense and interesting read, and though I don't know that part of the Canyon, and I think a couple of the particular sites were made up,  I felt that it portrayed the Grand Canyon in a realistic way, as many other Canyon books I've read recently don't.

I will certainly read more by Zoje Stage. 

4.5 stars

Friday, July 21, 2023

Guadian of Fukushima, by Ewan Blain & Fabien Grolleau


This is a beautiful story about a very, very sad event.

Here's the subtitle:  "The true story of a farmer who fought to save the nuclear zone's animals," and that's exactly what the book delivers.  

I'm not a great judge of graphic novels, because I often find them a little thin in plot and character, but this felt quite developed.  And engrossing.  I devoured it in one night.  I liked the weaving in of Japanese legends.  It was very organic and the legends themselves were interesting, with nice parallels to what was  happening in reality. 

The drawings were good. 

The information at the front and back was powerful and important.  I shamefully admit I didn't know or forgot how bad this disaster was, so I'm glad this book is sharing/re-sharing with the world.

4.5 stars!

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Phoenix Heat

Phoenix doesn't have (many) tornadoes or earthquakes or hurricanes.  We don't have to shovel snow. 

But this is getting ridiculous:

High today: 117 F

Last night's LOW: 97 F

Number of consecutive days our high has been 110 F or more:  20, I think.  We just broke a record.

I am ever grateful for air conditioning.