Monday, November 30, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015--58,000 words written

Just validated the rough draft of my 2015 Nanowrimo novel!  
Didn't quite finish the plot, but got 58,000 good words written, and will soon finish the story too.
Got inspired.
Had fun.
Feel proud.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

E-books vs paper books

Great quote from Eric Carle, author of kids' books:

"I like to hold books and touch them.  But in the future, who knows? When they invented papyrus, someone probably said, 'Storytelling was so good. Why did we have to go and put it on papyrus?' But one thing doesn't change: It's the story that counts. The medium doesn't matter."

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015

Haven't been posting the last couple of weeks because I've been...WRITING!  A lot.  I'm doing Nanowrimo again this year, and I've written 28,000 words since the beginning of November.  I hope to make it 30,000 by tonight.  It's exciting.

The book is fantasy (surprise surprise), and the magic is more powerful than in any of my other books--or at least the power one man holds.  But therein comes the issue:  if such magic can fall into the wrong hands, is it better to destroy it?  Or risk using it for good?  Because, of course, the best of intentions can collapse in the face of great power.