Sunday, June 21, 2015

Different Character Points of View

My novel, Far-Knowing, is told from two characters' points of view (with a third making a few appearances).  I love the way this lets you into different characters' heads to see the situation in different ways.  It's fun to write, and I generally find it fun to read, though there is the danger of distancing readers, and some people don't like it.  These varied reader reactions have made themselves clear in online reviews.  Check some of them out:

"I normally don’t like stories that switch a lot from one point of view to another, and back again. There have been rare cases where I did end up liking them, in spite of multiple POVs --- but this book is the first time I remember finishing a book and thinking that the multiple points-of-view not only failed to detract from the story, but also made the story better. From the perspective of someone like me who is biased against that practice, this is quite a testament to Melinda Brasher’s skill as a writer. It’s terrific."
-from a 5-star Amazon review

"But for me this book had a major problem, and this was the manner in which it jumped from one character's point of view to another character's point of view. Many times, just as I was getting into the story, the point of view changed, and I had to reestablish the context. Some readers don't mind this kind of style, so I think many readers will enjoy this book more than I did."
-from an otherwise positive 3-star Amazon review

"The characters were well developed and you really got to see into Kalli and Ista's minds. I do however think that the POV switches came too frequently. I would've preferred the format to be different, but it wasn't too distracting."
-from a 3.5-star review

"Far-Knowing was both well-written and entertaining. I loved how different Ista and Kalli are, and yet neither one is better than the other. Usually when books switch points of views between two main characters I favor one character over the other, at least a little, but I liked them both equally."
-from a 4-star review

"I absolutely loved the changing perspective of different points of view of individual characters. Things aren’t exactly as they seem to be. Very true."
-from a 5-star Amazon review

See for yourself what you think:

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