Monday, July 13, 2015

Sheep Festival in Prlov, Czech Republic

Wallachia, my region of the Czech Republic, is full of sheep.  And I love it.  So what better festivity to attend than a Sheep Festival?

Prlov, a village near Vsetin, hosts a fantastic little sheep party every summer (this year it was the last Saturday in June) complete with sheep-dog demos, cute goats you can pet, sheep cheese tasting, wool spinning competitions, sheep shearing demos, traditional music, goulash--the whole works.  I loved it.

Here are some photos:

Shepherd with his sheep dogs, sheep, and goats.
The demo was awesome.  Those sheep dogs are so clever!

This darling baby goat was popular with all--and well guarded by the sheep dogs

Traditional Wallachian musicians

Traditional wood carving

If you've ever wanted to try milking a (fake) cow, here's your chance.
I did it, however, and I think it was easier than the real thing. 

Sheep Shearing.  

Wool-spinning contest.  They make it look easy, but the amateurs who tried kept breaking the string.
Like any great skill or art, it's not as easy as it looks.  

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