Sunday, June 7, 2015

Súľovské skaly in Slovakia

Súľov fields, forests, and rocks
Súľovské skaly is an area in western Slovakia with lots of striking white-gray rock formations sticking up through the forest.  Gorgeous hiking and beautiful views.  

Bus connections to Súľov town may be a little tricky, depending on where you're coming from, but it's possible.  

View out of the Dragon Hole
I went with friends in their car, and we took the yellow path from Súľov up to the Dragon's Hole cave (Šarkania diera), past a cool stone bridge, and then to the trail crossroads at pod Roháč.  We then followed the red trail through rock formations and great viewpoints to the turn-off to the ruins of Súľov Castle.  At the ruins, beautiful views and tiny entryways made me appreciate its defensive position.  

The  trail was only about 8km long, but included nearly 600m of elevation climb, some of it with the aid of ladders and iron rings stuck into the rock.  Great fun.   

Me, enjoying the views
Don't look down!

Fun ladders and handles on the trail
The doorway to the castle

View from the castle

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  1. Oh wow, so so beautiful. I just love these photos. Absolutely a unique place. Hope you had a lot of fun!