Monday, March 24, 2014

Online Plot Generator

Looking for an idea for a story...or just a good laugh?  Try this hilarious plot generator: from

Despite the Mad-Libs style of the plots and blurbs, you can learn from their narrative structure.

Here's one it just generated for me:

Argona Gelli, the Orc
    - a VERY FAKE fantasy novel
by Nora Rider

In a castle there lived a headless, impatient orc named Argona Gelli. Not a dark mystic, powerful castle, filled with rubies and a violent smell, nor yet an enchanted, royal, obedient castle with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was an orc-castle, and that means comfort.

One day, after a troubling visit from the unicorn Finden Bendley, Argona leaves her castle and sets out in search of three hairy book of spells. A quest undertaken in the company of magic hunters, goblins and silver elves.

In the search for the unicorn-guarded book of spells, Argona Gelli surprises even herself with her locksmithing and skill as a baker.

During her travels, Argona rescues a crown, an heirloom belonging to Finden. But when Finden refuses to try searching, their friendship is over.

However, Finden is wounded at the Battle of Blood River and the two reconcile just before Argona engages in some serious searching.

Argona accepts one of the three hairy book of spells and returns home to her castle a very wealthy orc.

Don't worry.  My actual writing is a little more coherent.  :)  

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