Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beaver Creek, Arizona

Last week I went camping again near Camp Verde, AZ.  Last time I hiked the West Clear Creek trail.  This time I hiked the Bell trail along Beaver Creek.  Clear water, falling water in the creek, red rocks...beautiful.  If you go, be sure to stray off the trail as often as possible when you see little footpaths going down toward the creek.  Those are the prettiest places.

Here are some pics:
Rushing creeks:  one of my favorite things in the whole world

A tiny waterfall, Beaver Creek

Just about to eat my smooshed sack lunch,
flanked by two little waterfalls and red rock cliffs.
Talk about a 5-star restaurant.  

Bell Trail, near Camp Verde, Arizona

A series of clear pools cascading into each other.
You couldn't have built anything this beautiful.


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