Sunday, March 20, 2022

Wicked Bugs, by Amy Stewart (Young Readers Edition)


More book reviews from my 2021 reading list:

When I put this on hold at the library, I didn't realize it was the young reader's edition.  By the time I realized, I was ready to read it and I liked the illustrations, so I didn't exchange it for adult version.  I liked this so much that I think I'll read the adult version when I'm in the mood for something like this in the future.

Organization:  great
Scientific explanations:  great for kids without being condescending.
Writing:  very good
Stories and details:  great and often terrifying.
Illustrations:  beautiful in a slightly creepy way

Just to be clear: the terrifying things are the parasites and diseases and live worms that you can only pull slowly out of your body over the course of two weeks.  The spiders and scorpions are downright cute by comparison. 

Some people might want the science to go a little deeper, but I was content with it.

What a great book.  Plus…it gave me tons of ideas for science fiction stories.  Highly recommended…though maybe not for the squeamish

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