Wednesday, March 16, 2022

96 Miles, by J.L Esplin

I'm behind on my book reviews, so here's from last year:

I loved this:
  premise, execution, writing.  It was all great.  Characterization, plot, pacing…I really have nothing to critique.

I did wonder why it didn't occur to these desert-savvy kids to sleep under shelter during the hottest part of the day and walk all night.  They were on a long straight highway, which would have been super easy to navigate in the dark.  This would have conserved a lot of energy.  More importantly, it would have conserved water in the form of sweat not lost. 

That said, I was absolutely delighted that finally, FINALLY, someone wrote a desert novel that points out that the desert is NOT boiling hot in the day and freezing cold that same night.  The temperature swings are bigger than most places, so a warm day can be quite chilly at night, and deserts can freeze….but not in the middle of summer!  John set all his readers right.  Yay!!!  Thank you, J.L.Esplin.    

Recommended for anyone, but especially those who love survival tales, kids working together against big problems, and stories of the love between siblings.

Now I have to read everything else by J.L. Esplin. 

Absolutely five stars  (and I don't give many five-star ratings to novels)

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