Sunday, April 17, 2016

Velký Javorník View Tower

Velký Javorník:  one of the Czech Republic's many awesome view towers. This one is a steep walk up into the Veřovice hills in Wallachia.

I went from Frenštát pod Radhoštem up the green trail to the tower, then along the red ridge trail until I cut down the steep yellow path to Mořkov to catch my train, about a 15-17km trip (depending on if you explore Frenštát's nature trail first, as I did).  Be prepared for about 700 meters of elevation gain overall.  The ridge trail goes up and down a bit.  Views are really nice.

The tower itself is open year round and free, and there's a pub there too for refreshment.  Up top, 3-D wooden signs point out different mountains in view.  From here you can see both Poland and Slovakia on a clear day.

Cool signs showing different mountains, some of which are in Slovakia
More pictures:
Family enjoying the spring sun and views

A pleasant spring off a short fork of trail

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