Sunday, September 27, 2015

Czech Hedgehog at last!

Hedgehogs are big here in Czech culture.  You see cute depictions of them everywhere, often with an apple speared on their spines.  The word for hedgehog in Czech sounds similar to the word for Baby Jesus, who is the one who brings the presents on Christmas.  So one of my students, when she was little, thought that a hedgehog carried her gifts to her, all stuck on his back like that traditional apple.  She still likes the image, and so do I.  I think hedgehogs are adorable.  Yet I NEVER see them.  I caught a glimpse of the back end of one once, the first time I lived here.  And that's all.  Until...Friday!  Here he is! It was dark, so the picture's not as darling as the reality.  But soooo cute.

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