Monday, August 17, 2015

Shanakan by Tim Stead

Shanakan is another great fantasy novel by independent author Tim Stead.

I love the characters and world-building.  The writing is also very good, with many beautiful or thought-provoking lines.  

Things do come a bit too easily.  Though the characters face many obstacles, everything they try works, and people are easily won over.  The optimistic, want-to-change-the-world part of me loves these big successes, however, and I really enjoyed reading about them.    

The ending also goes on a little longer than I'm used to.  It's realistic.  After all, defeating the bad guy isn't really the end…rebuilding the world is.  That's very cool.  Just be ready for a longer denouement than you may be used to. 

Serhan, the main character, is capable and powerful and awe-inspiring, but also very human.  Tim Stead does a spectacular job with characters like this (I also love the character of Narak from The Seventh Friend ). 

The novel easily stands alone, but it also leaves room for a sequel, and I would certainly read it…or anything else by Tim Stead.

4.5 stars 

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