Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alaska Sampler 2014

If you didn't know, from reading my blog, I'm a bit obsessed with Alaska.  So of course I snapped up this free collection of short stories, articles, memoirs, and excerpts from larger works, all set in Alaska.  It’s good reading and shows a lot of different faces of this wild country.    

Most enjoyable to me were these:
“A Time Machine Called the Chilkoot Trail” by Dana Stabenow
An excerpt from “Still Points North” by Leigh Newman
“On Ice” by Deb Vanasse
Excerpts from “Wildwood” by Tanyo Ravicz
“From Cold River Spirits” by Jan Harper-Haines. 

If you’re half as fascinated by Alaska as I am, or if you're just in the mood for something different, pick up the Alaska Sampler 2014.  The Alaska Sampler 2015 is also out now.

Click here to download the Alaska Sampler FREE on Amazon.

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