Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring in Vsetin, Czech Republic

Spring has come to the Czech Republic!  These were taken last week, the last week of April.  It was the first day the newly leafing deciduous trees were so bright, casting everything in two tones of green.   I love it here!   
The lovely hills near Vsetin
My friends, Catherine, Hana, and James, headed off to Hana's cottage

Look at all that beautifully stacked wood!  What a lot of work.  And an amazing historic cottage!

Roasting spekacky--delicious, dripping-with-fat traditional campfire sausages
After the sausages, I brought out the marshmallows for roasting.  Hana and her husband and son had never roasted marshmallows.  Their son (almost 5 years old) was afraid of them at first, but after he tasted one--with a fork--he chewed thoughtfully and then said, "mnam!" (yum).

What a great day!  

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