Sunday, May 24, 2015

Filming vs writing

We were just wandering around Prague when we saw film crews and then two people running down the street, right past us--maybe six feet away.  "That's Elizabeth Mitchell!" I said.  "No way!"  But it was.  Her and Goran Visnjec.  Cool!  I felt a little silly being so excited, but as a big fan of Lost (at least the first few seasons), it was awesome to be so close to Juliette.

And the mechanics of it were fascinating--the big cameras, the chalking out marks on the cobblestones, the redoing of the same short scene, the guy whose job it was to feed the pigeons so that they could fly away when Elizabeth Mitchell and Goran Visnjec ran through.  Extras, make-up people, catering truck...all very interesting.  

But it looked like actually being part of the crew might be boring.  Lots of standing around, waiting, repeating the same short scene that might have 3 seconds on screen or get cut entirely.  Writing, too, is a lot of repeatedly revising the same short scenes, slaving over conversations and descriptions that eventually get cut, standing around thinking about how best to capture the mood.  But I think I prefer writing.

The show is Crossing Lines, and they're filming the third season, where these two actors appear for the first time, I believe.  I hope I one day see this scene on screen.


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