Wednesday, March 25, 2015

High Tatras Hikes: Popradske Pleso

Spectacular Hike #2 in the High Tatras: Popradské Pleso

Blue trail near crossroads to Simbolicky Cintorin (symbolic graveyard)

Features:  easy ascent, rugged mountains rising in indescribable splendor all around you, mountain lake (tarn), lunch or drinks on the terrace of Popradské Pleso Chata, watching skiers in winter at Štrbské Pleso.
Length:  9 km
Climb:  391 m
Descent:  323 m
Estimated time:  3 hrs

Beginning of trail near Popradske Pleso train stop

Blue trail, near Popradske Pleso

One of the mountain lodges at Popradske Pleso
The lake is behind, all covered with snow

If you go...

Starting point:  Popradské Pleso train stop.
Ending point:  Štrbské Pleso train station
Color codes:  Blue trail to Popradské Pleso
Green trail and then red trail to Štrbské Pleso (or take the red trail all the way if it's open)

Warnings:  Can be treacherous in winter on the way down if snow has been melting and refreezing, turning icy.

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