Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Medals you won't ever see

I'm not a sports watcher, but for some reason I really love the Olympics.  Maybe it's because there's the travel element (all the stuff you learn about the host country and the participants' countries).  Maybe it's the epic nature of it.  Maybe it's how artistic my favorites Olympic sports are.  I'm really not sure.

 But one thing I do know:  If I were on the Olympic Committee, I'm afraid that the athletes would get medals for

-First place
-Second place
-Third place
-Almost third place
-Making it down the hill without breaking your neck
-Falling and getting back up again
-Double toe loops that should have been triples, since heck, a double is amazing 
-15th--hey, it's only 7/10ths of a second behind gold

I think the Olympic Committee would fire me.

Good job EVERYONE in the Olympics.

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