Friday, February 7, 2014

100 Reviews on Amazon

I just wrote my hundredth review on Amazon!  Most of them are books, so if you want to see what some of my favorite (and not so favorite) books are, check out my review here:

Melinda's Amazon Reviews

If you haven't ever reviewed books and Amazon, you should try it.  You don't necessarily have to have purchased the book there, and it gives much-needed legitimacy to books with few ratings. I found one book by Hilari Bell, one of my favorite authors, with TWO reviews.  And one of them's mine.  This is a traditionally published book by an author with at least 10-12 other published books.  It's a great story, and well written.  How can Hilari Bell's The Prophecy possibly have only two reviews, when things like Fifty Shades of Gray have 22,000???  I guess they never promised that life would be fair.  


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