Friday, December 6, 2013

Slated, by Terri Terry

Slated is a YA dystopian novel, taking place in England.  I love the premise.  Juvenile delinquents have their memories erased so that they can become good citizens again.  Kyla, the main character, thus doesn't remember who she is or what she did or how things work in this world that's new to her.  Lots of creepiness ensues. 

Quibbles:  It could have been a bit more subtle, and no one ever uses contractions in dialogue, which makes it sometime sound stilted.  The ending left me a little unsatisfied, without enough mysteries answered, and with a big cliffhanger.  However, since it's the first of a series, the cliffhanger works if you can wait for the next installment.  

Point of honor:  I loved watching Kyla re-discover things about the world and learn to fool her mood monitor.  The relationships within her new family are intriguing..  The story brims with suspense without resorting to lots of violence—something that's getting more and more rare in our car-chase-bloody-murder world.  And, as I said, the premise rocks.  I'm still thinking about it, and I read it months ago.


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