Sunday, December 15, 2013

On Writing Comedy--Guest Post by Jillian Kleine Der Lowe

Hi all!  Here's a guest post from Jillian Kleine Der Löwe, who writes comedic fantasy.  Her book, Wicked, is free until December 19th on Amazon, so head on over there!

On Writing Comedy
by Jillian Kleine Der Löwe

I know that I cant get through reading a book if theres no comic relief whatsoever. Furthermore, I really cant get through a book if it doesnt have a decent blend between offbeat and quirky humor, sarcasm, satire and wit. Writing comedy comes just as naturally to me as breathing and I think that many authors can add another dimension into their writing if they too embrace comedy in all of its glory. Laughter truly is the best medicine Better even than an apple a day. A rapier-like wit can leave you giggling on the floor just as it can also implode the best laid plans of mice (and perhaps even some men too).

If youve never written comedy before, you dont need to go far for inspiration! Just watch some primetime television and youll be bombarded by the puns of the day on shows like Modern Family or 30 Rock. Why not turn to current events? The Daily Show and Colbert Report have got you covered! What about a blast from the past? Nothing beats a good ol Mel Brooks film Or an Airplane! Thats comedy at its finest.

The best part is that you can add comedy into any genre! RomZomCom Zombie gets girl. Zombie loves girl. Zombie loses girl. Zombie gets girl back again. Try adding comedy into a genre where it has never encroached before And lo and behold You have the newest IT thing Comedy + Whatever Genre You Choose ( Especially If Its Never Been Done Before ) = One Pie Of Awesomesauce Covered With Whipped Cream, Chocolate Ganache And Sprinkles!

Jillian Kleine Der Löwe originally dreamt of being a time traveler... Either that or the Supreme Empress of the whole entire bloody Universe. Since, those jobs are not yet available until she defies the laws of physics... She's settled with being an author

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  1. Hi Melinda! Thank you for adding my guest post to your blog! I have a lot of fun writing it and I really enjoyed working with you!


  2. I loved learning a little more about your Jillian. Melinda thank you for hosting Jillian.