Thursday, February 28, 2013

Volcano Pacaya

Me at Pacaya

Near Antigua, Guatemala, Volcán Pacaya is one of the most easily accessible volcanoes in the country.  We went at dusk so we could see the lava fields both in sunlight and darkness, and even though we left late and blew a tire, and thus had to sprint up the mountain, and our guide lost my half of the tour on the volcano, it was an awesome trip.  After all, it was already dark when we got lost, so though we didn't all have flashlights, we could easily avoid stepping anywhere terribly dangerous because the terribly dangerous places all glowed.  

As I said, great fun.  The type they'd never let you have in America.  J 

And if you want to know how to gain sudden popularity, take a bag of marshmallows with you to a volcano.    

Volcán Pacaya.  Yes, that's a marshmallow I roasted on lava.  Photo by Mel and Wes, my Aussie hostel friends.   

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