Friday, February 22, 2013

"Storm Front," by Jim Butcher

I'd heard Jim Butcher's Dresden Files recommended by various writers and readers of speculative fiction, but since urban fantasy isn't my favorite genre, I hadn't bothered looking up the books.

Then I found Storm Front (volume 1) at Goodwill and idly read the first page.  Hooked!

I love the voice of the protagonist:  rather goofy and self-effacing, but charming.  

Great world building.  The magic is pretty clear, interesting, and not all powerful, which is important to me in fantasy.  Good narrative structure and pacing.  Exciting and unique action scenes.  

We do spend a bit too much time in the main character's head.  I don't mind that so much, but some of my critiquer friends would be seriously annoyed.

As I said, urban fantasy isn't my favorite, but I really enjoyed the book, and would read more by the talented Jim Butcher.  

My rating:  4

Check out Jim Butcher's website or buy Storm Front.  

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