Sunday, January 13, 2013

"When Calls the Heart," by Janette Oke

When Calls the Heart, Repackaged Edition
When Calls the Heart, by Janette Oke, is a historical romance set in frontier Canada.  A city girl from the East goes to teach school in Calgary, where her half brother lives.  Immediately assigned to a country school, she learns to adapt to the wilds and love her sweet school children.

The whole book is a little too sweet to be real.  Everyone is so nice and noble and giving except the one school superintendant man who only has a short appearance in the book.  The hero's nearly perfect.  All her students are too well behaved—and eager to learn—to be quite believable.  Still, it's a nice, gentle, CLEAN romance, not just between a man and a woman, but between a frontier school teacher and her new home and her humble students.

My rating:  4


  1. How true, how true! I am much the same way. One time I did so much research that I was almost tired of the area before I had even been there. Now I try to calm my early enthusiasm down just a bit. But it is still SO fun to anticipate!

  2. I just reviewed by comment about Anticipation. It showed up on a book review. Sorry about that.