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Mangled Macbeth, Act 3

Mangled Macbeth
Written by William Shakespeare.  Abridged, translated, and slightly mangled by Melinda Brasher.

Act 3 Scene 1

BANQUO:  [to self]:  Macbeth, you cheated your way onto the throne.  I know it.  But the witches were right.  Now perhaps their grand prophecy for my posterity will come true too.
            Enter Macbeth
MACBETH:  Good Banquo, you're riding out this afternoon?
BANQUO:  Aye, my lord, but I'll be back for the feast tonight.
MACBETH:  Travel well.
            Exit all but Macbeth and servant
MACBETH:  Have those men arrived?
SERVANT:  Yes.  They await outside the palace gate.
MACBETH:  Bring them in.  [To self] I fear that Banquo.  None but he threatens the security of my throne, for he alone heard the witches' promise.  Have I murdered the gracious king only to leave my crown to Banquo's sons?  No!
            Enter servant and murderers
MACBETH:  Remember how you thought I had done you wrong?  Well, it was Banquo.  Can you really let that go?  Can you forgive a man who has brought you so low?
MURDERERS:  No.  We're so angry with the world that we've become reckless.
MACBETH:  Banquo is your enemy, as he is mine, but for complicated political reasons I can't kill him myself.  You understand, old boys?  I ask your help, and that you not reveal my involvement.
MURDERERS:  No problem.
MACBETH:  Your spirits shine!  Do it tonight.  While you're at it, kill his son too.
MURDERERS:  Okey-dokey, my lord.   

Act 3 Scene 2

MACBETH:  Perhaps 'twould be better to be with the dead, whom we sent to their graves, than to be tortured by this uncertain joy and insecure power.
LADY MACBETH:  Get it together and at least pretend to be happy in front of your guests.

Act 3 Scene 3

Murders:  Hark!  I hear horses.  'Tis Banquo and his son.
            They attack
Banquo:  Treachery!  Run, my son, that you may later take revenge.

Act 3 Scene 4 
Enter Murderers

MACBETH:  There's blood on your face.
MURDERER:  'Tis Banquo's
MACBETH:  Better his blood on your face than in his veins.  Is he dead?
MURDERER:  Yes, but his son escaped.
MACBETH:  Now I will be forever trapped within my fears.
            Macbeth returns to feast, but Banquo's ghost has entered and sat in his place. . 
MACBETH:  The table's full.
LENNOX:  Here's a place reserved for you.
MACBETH:  Where?
LENNOX:  Right here.  What's wrong, my lord?
MACBETH:  Which one of you has done this?
LORDS:  What?
ROSS:  Rise, gentlemen.  The king is not well.
LADY MACBETH:  Sit.  He's often like this.  Has been since his youth.  It's a momentary fit.  If you pay him attention it will offend him and make the fit worse.  Eat and ignore him.  [To Macbeth].  Are you a man?
MACBETH [aside]:  Of course I am!  I dare look at things which might frighten the devil.  It used to be that once you killed a man, he stayed dead.  Now they rise again and push us out of our chairs.  [To lords] Sorry.  I have a strange infirmity.  Don't mind me.  Let's drink to my dear friend Banquo, who we miss tonight.  Would that he were here.

Act 3 Scene 5

HECATE:  Witches, you shouldn't have toyed with Macbeth's future, but let's sing and dance anyway.  Hee hee.

Act 3 Scene 6

LENNOX:  Boy it's getting dangerous around here—people dropping like flies.  Where's Macduff?
LORDS:  I heard he's gone to England to work with Duncan's son Malcolm.  May they return and free our land from the grip of the tyrant!  

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  1. Yay for Mangled MacBeth!

    "Act 1 Scene 1 Thunder and Lightning

    WITCHES: Hee hee, we're being witches."

    "DONALBAIN: Dude, speak English."

    "MURDERERS: Okey-dokey, my lord."

    You managed to capture the essence of the play in a very economical number of words.

  2. Why thank you! I tried. Obviously, it's not Shakespeare... :)