Monday, March 14, 2011

March: Lion or Lamb?

I admit that one of the reasons I like traveling is to compare the places I've lived and traveled. Some travelers may say this is a closed-minded no-no, but I love the little differences between countries and regions: how you buy fruit, how the doors lock or the toilets flush, when people say "sorry," how you tip in restaurants, what qualifies as a "hike," what qualifies as "old." And of course, since I've already admitted I'm a nature junkie, I love comparing climates.

It's March now, one of those supposedly fickle seasons. Here in Arizona, fickle means that one day it's coolish, the next it's warm. We might even hit 90 degrees F (32C) this week. It made me think back to this time last year in the Czech Republic.

Mid-March in the Czech Republic:  In like a lion

Mid-March in Arizona:  out like a lamb
Last year in the Czech Republic, skiing was still on our minds.  Winter hikes.  Snow sparkling like diamonds in the cold sun.  Scarves and boots and the dream of spring.

This year in Arizona, I've picked 200 pounds of lemons the last two days--in sandals and short sleeves--while the heady sweet smell of citrus blossoms puts the dread of summer temporarily out of my mind.


  1. I also love comparing the climate in different places. When I lived in cold country, I looked forward to summer coming. Now that I live in a warmer climate, I hate the thoughts of summer, and look forward to winter.
    I loved the two photos comparing the differences. Those lemons are HUGH!

  2. Picking lemons can be a bit of an adventure. Those branches are a bit thorny, and you can end up scratched and bloody.

  3. Yeah, I call those scratches "war wounds." And then when you juice the lemons, it's painful.

  4. I miss the citrus-eating, and citrus-blossom-smelling in AZ so much...still, all summer long here in Laramie, it smells like camping in the mountains and every time I go outdoors (especially at night) I drink the fresh air in as deeply as my lungs will let me!