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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best places to visit in Europe

"What's your favorite place in Europe?" people always ask me. I can't answer. Europe's too big--far bigger than its actual geographical size would lead you to believe. I could name fifty of my favorite places in Europe, but one? Impossible. When people insist, I usually pick a broad region like Southern Germany or The Czech Republic, and still feel like I'm lying.

Finally I decided I needed at least a top ten list, so I wrote an article for Helium, "Top Ten Places to Visit in Europe." It took longer to narrow down the choices than it did to write the article. When I read it again today, I marveled at all I had left out. Still, it's a good overview of what Europe has to offer, a mix of famous historic cities and small romantic towns.

If you're planning a trip, be warned: this article might make you wish you had twice as much time to spend on the continent. If you're a veteran of European travel, compare your list to mine. They'll probably be completely different. That's one of the things I love about travel: you can never see it all.

Read the article here:
Top Ten Places to Visit in Europe -- Helium.com

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