Friday, July 21, 2023

Guadian of Fukushima, by Ewan Blain & Fabien Grolleau


This is a beautiful story about a very, very sad event.

Here's the subtitle:  "The true story of a farmer who fought to save the nuclear zone's animals," and that's exactly what the book delivers.  

I'm not a great judge of graphic novels, because I often find them a little thin in plot and character, but this felt quite developed.  And engrossing.  I devoured it in one night.  I liked the weaving in of Japanese legends.  It was very organic and the legends themselves were interesting, with nice parallels to what was  happening in reality. 

The drawings were good. 

The information at the front and back was powerful and important.  I shamefully admit I didn't know or forgot how bad this disaster was, so I'm glad this book is sharing/re-sharing with the world.

4.5 stars!

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