Sunday, June 18, 2023

Indie Author Spotlight: Samantha Picaro

Join me today for an interview with Samantha Picaro, author of Limitless Roads Café:

Tell me a little about your journey as a writer.

I became an author through years of writing stories (cliché as that may sound), and finally having one I felt ready to share. Writing is the best, most comfortable way I have always communicated, as verbal communication has always been hard and even scary as an autistic woman with anxiety disorder.

How do you come up with your stories?

 I’d like to say it’s walks through nature but, alas, my inspiration is more modern and more indoors than outdoors. Haha. A movie or TV show with a really unique premise and/or theme could inspire me, and sometimes social media gives me ideas. Social media inspires me with information I didn’t know before, or whenever someone talks about a plot or type of character they don’t see enough of in fiction.

Tell me a little about the books you like to read and the book you've written.  

There are too many books and too many genres to name my favorites. I can tell you what I typically like in a plot: a main character with a specific goal, like winning a contest or reconnecting with a family member. My favorite genres are Young Adult Fiction (any subgenre) and Adult Fiction. Memoirs and nonfiction are also a great way to pass time, especially if they have social justice themes.

Now, on to what you really want to hear: the plot of my book, “Limitless Roads Café.” This Young Adult Contemporary takes place in summer in New Jersey. The main character, Kinsey Fontana, works at a café hiring teens with any type of disability, and Kinsey is autistic. This aspiring event planner plans a fundraiser to prevent the café from closing with help from her former best friend Melissa Castillo.

Thanks, Samantha.  Good luck with everything!

Find Samantha Picaro here:
Instagram: @author.samantha.picaro
Facebook: Author Samantha Picaro
TikTok: @authorsamanthap
Twitter: @Samwritesya

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