Thursday, April 7, 2022

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes--Death Valley

More from the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes at Death Valley National Park in California:

Observe the shadows, the shapes, and the lone person walking along the crest:

Here are some classic rivulets of sand (I don't know the technical term).  At one point, when the wind was whipping sand up over the ridges like a nature documentary, I smoothed out a little section and watched the wind reform the beautiful ridges right before my eyes.  

Evidence of desert nightlife:

A bit more perspective (do you see the tiny people?):

Me, on one of the highest dunes--in the wind and the golden light of sunset:

One of the crests I walked up.  The next one was much steeper-sided.  If it had been a regular mountain, I would have been afraid to walk it because it was so narrow with such steep slides on both sides.  But I was like, "No's sand.  I won't fall far."  A fantastic experience.    

I highly, highly recommend this, especially at sunset (or sunrise would probably be even better).  I loved, loved, loved it. 

All pictures taken early March, 2022.  I would personally not recommend going to Death Valley past March.  It was plenty warm for me when we went.

But...I just heard of a crazy race that starts there in July.  At noon.  And goes for 135 miles.  With a cumulative gain of 14,600 feet.  Yeah.  So, if you're an extreme athlete, like to torture yourself, and aren't afraid of death...try it.  It's called Badwater 135.  If you're like me, go in February or March, do some cool hikes, and enjoy yourself.  :)      

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