Saturday, March 27, 2021

The List of Things that Will Not Change, by Rebecca Stead

I really enjoyed this. 

The voice was charming—and carried throughout the book.  The flashbacks and asides were a touch confusing at points, but it matched the way Bea talked and told stories, so I liked it, and it deepened the story.   

The details were imaginative. 

Many of the supporting characters were a bit too perfect, but I don't mind that sometimes.  The only problem was that it made the one character seem over-the-top bad.

The events of the plot were unusual, interesting in a quiet way.  I'd just read an action-packed book before this.  Yet I found "The List of Things that will not Change" far more page-turning than the other.  So, if you're a reader like me, you'll love it.

From the description, I thought it would be more about Bea's relationship with her new sister, so I felt a little disappointed that there wasn't more interaction between them, but I liked everything else that filled the book. 

The writing itself was excellent. 

I will certainly read more by Rebecca Stead.

4.5 stars. .      

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