Friday, October 30, 2020

Tres Rios bird watching


A fantastic day of bird watching (not so much bird identifying, since I'm a terrible birder) at Tres Rios in Phoenix.  Also not a great bird photographer, apparently.  I hardly have any good pictures.  But I have great memories.  And in my defense, birds are quick.  :)   

Not pictured:

American pelicans--totally cool

A ton of cormorants flying in Vs and lines

Red-winged blackbirds???

A male cardinal


Gambel's quail

Various hawks and/or other birds of prey I'm not confident enough to name


Here are the pictures I do have:

A pretty turtle (not a bird, I know) eyes me:

A great blue heron (I think) balances high in a tree:

An egret (of some sort) flies:

And for our final act, a different great blue heron (I think) walks a tightrope:

I also saw what I believe are the tracks of beavers!!!

Awesome day.

If you go:

You have to have a permit.  But...they're free and require very little work on your part.  Visit

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