Saturday, December 21, 2019

My Plain Jane by Hand, Ashton, and Meadows

Want a fun supernatural literary mash-up?  Then try My Plain Jane.

It's sort of the story of Jane Eyre...but mostly not.  Charlotte Bronte herself is a character (my favorite one, I think).  It's fun to watch her weave reality into fiction and vice versa.  


I enjoyed most of the twists on the well-known characters, both literary and real.  

Sadly...I wasn't a huge fan of Jane's character revision.  I've read the real Jane Eyre two or three times and seen most of the movie versions more than once.  I feel almost like Jane's my friend.  I like her and respect her.  But in My Plain Jane she seemed rather passive and boy-crazy and sometimes almost stupid.  But...that's just my view of it.  

These same authors (its three of them, and how they managed such a cohesive novel is really quite impressive) also wrote My Lady Jane about Lady Jane Grey.  That book sparkled with humor.  I was really impressed by how it never started taking itself too seriously, which is what most humorous fantasy/paranormal/historical fantasy books end up doing.  My Plain Jane didn't quite match this standard, but it was still funny and a pleasant, light read.  

I recommend them both.

And the actual Jane Eyre:


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