Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Crazy Desert Weather

We had a weird February here in the Arizona desert.  Here's an amazing sight you don't see every day...or every decade:

Yes, this is Phoenix Sonoran Preserve on the north edge of Phoenix, and those are mountains I have never seen that much snow on.  Spectacular.  

Pictures taken Feb 23, 2019.

Cholla with new growth...and snow:

And this crazy-white mountain:

And just some cholla, spring poppies...and snow:

And these little islands of green that are far too green for the desert:

And this mountain bluebird that seems rather lost:

And more flowers...and snow:

What a spectacular day!

So, this was a week and a half ago.  For several days we had to cover the plants in the garden so they wouldn't freeze  And today?  We had a high of 84.  That's a short spring even for Phoenix.  

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