Friday, February 22, 2019

Last Minute Cruise Deals

I love Vacations To Go (

They often have the cheapest rates for cruises, and it's a great place to compare various itineraries, lines, dates, etc. to get a feel for what's available.

Their last minute deals can be quite affordable.  If you have the flexibility to drop everything and run to the port within a few days, you will be a very happy cruiser.  I've seen last-minute, 7-day Alaska cruises for under $300.  I've also seen very cheap last-minute cruises to other locations, including the Caribbean.  Keep in mind that's the base price for the cheapest inside cabins, so you'll have to add taxes, tips, and additional dollars if you want an oceanview or balcony.  But still...    

"Last minute" can also be a few weeks in the future.  I've booked most of my Alaskan cruises, for example, within 5 weeks of sailing, and all of those were around $400 per 7 days.  I also got a very good deal on a cruise to Norway, booked a few weeks in advance.

If you're traveling solo, sometimes cruise lines will drop or drastically reduce the single supplement last minute, meaning you can cruise just as cheaply as someone with a cruising partner.

If you're flexible, I think last minute is the way to go.  You probably won't get as many perks, freebies, or upgrades as you may get if you book far in advance, but if you're a budget traveler who can do without the bells and whistles, try last minute.  

For more budget cruising tips, check out my book:  Cruising Alaska on a Budget
Or if you want to see Alaska's nature at your own pace:  Hiking Alaska from Cruise Ports


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