Friday, January 25, 2019

Haines, Alaska

I can't believe I never posted any of my pictures of Haines, a quiet port which doesn't have as much cruise traffic and therefore feels much less commercial.

We took the cheap bus loop around town.  When we went, it was only a dollar per person for an all-day pass, and the "pass" was simply the bus driver remembering you and letting you back on later in the day.  We walked around, shopped in a few local shops, checked out the library (yes, I do library tourism), wandered around Fort Seward, and watched a man working on a Totem pole in the Alaska Indian Arts Center.  Then I took an easy hike out to Battery Point, through the outskirts of town, then woods, then beach, where I found what looked very much like live giant trilobites in the tide pools.  A very nice day.

Fort Seward in Haines

Just a short distance from the cruise ship dock in Haines

From the hike to Battery Point, just out of Haines

Fun boardwalks on the trail to Battery Point
If you want to know more about how to see Alaska for yourself, 

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