Friday, June 8, 2018

Saguaro Flowers and Ironwood Blossoms

Between Phoenix and Superior, Arizona, on May 13, all the little saguaros had flowery hats, and even the ironwood was blooming pale purple.  Lovely day.

Can you believe that each saguaro flower blooms for only one night (and into the next day) and then closes up?  It's tragically beautiful.  Here you can see the ones yet to bloom, the ones that opened the night before, and the ones who have already done their duty. 

The ironwood tree isn't showy, but it's beautiful.  It's the first year I remember seeing so many ironwood blossoms (or maybe I just didn't know what they were before).  However, they only bloom when conditions are right, so maybe this WAS the best year I've seen. 

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