Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Toadstools, Southern Utah

If you ever played Super Mario World, back me up here: 
Does this first picture not remind you of Chocolate Island?

And then...well...mushrooms!  I almost expected to see some cartoon turtles and a brightly clad plumber jumping around on top of them.    

This is the Toadstools in Southern Utah.  

The trailhead is on the north side of highway 89 between Kanab and Page.  It's a relatively easy 1.5-mile loop (though there are a few slightly sketchy places where you'll want to watch your footing).  First you get to walk past a lot of these melting sandcastle/elephant foot mesas, striped with deep brown-red and white.  Then you get to the cute mushroom hoodoos. 

It's as alien a landscape as any of the other alien landscapes you'll see in this part of the the country.
 (See links below for Antelope Canyon and Wire Pass/Buckskin Gulch)   

Please stay on the trail to preserve this fascinating place for others.  

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