Friday, May 26, 2017

ZooBorns by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland

Cuteness Factor:  11 million stars

This book is a very short read, but the real joy comes from lingering over the beautiful photos of darling baby animals.  The facts about each animal are interesting, educational, succinct, and well written.  The ethics of zoos are debatable, so if you're strongly opposed to keeping animals in captivity, you will not like it, but some of these animals would be extinct or nearly so without zoo breeding programs, so...well, the debate lives on.

And I just dare you to look into some of these babies' eyes and not melt.

As one reviewer on Goodreads says, "Help me!  My macho is melting!...Can't resist the pictures!!...Must overuse exclamation points!!!!...Too cute!!!!!!!!"  Thanks, Marvin, for that.  

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And it looks like there are more books in the series.  Yippee!

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