Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Funnies

In honor of Halloween, I wrote some Halloween Mad Libs and asked my students for random verbs, nouns, adjectives, numbers, foods, etc. to complete the story.  Here are some of the best bits.

On Halloween, some people dress as monsters, superheroes, languages, shop assistants, or baby fish.  To decorate their houses, they carve faces on big pineapples and hang elephants from the ceiling.

Children walk from house to house and say "trick-or-woman."  Then people give them bananas.  Sometimes children collect up to 8 pieces of candy.  If they eat it too quickly, they feel extraordinary.

On Halloween, be careful. You might see a monster. 

Vampires are especially friendly.  They often wear pink clothes and like to drink milk.  To protect yourself from vampires, you should wear a necklace of carrots

Zombies are not dead and not unexpected.  They swim very loudly.  They like to eat octopus.  Stay away from them.

Werewolves are people who dance with penguins when the moon is pretty.  They have 666 legs and resurrect very fast.

Ghosts are also common on Halloween.  It is very hard to smile at a ghost.  Usually they can't magnify you, but if they scare you, you may have a leg attack.

Halloween is a very fun holiday.  Just be safe and don't talk to books you meet in the dark.

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