Sunday, December 14, 2014

Krakow, Poland

 Had a great weekend in Kraków (Cracow), Poland
   -Met my dad at the airport!
   -Got hugs
   -Got fresh brownies Mom made and sent across the world for me
   -Wandered the Christmas Market
   -Learned about history  
   -Remembered some of my Polish words
   -Listened to street musicians
   -Met nice people
   -Saw folk dancers
   -Ate pierogy ruskie, bigos, mushroom soup, obwarzanek*
   -Bought little gifts

Beautiful Krakow, Poland
Happy weekend!

*Polish food favorites:
-Pierogy Ruskie = a sort of dough/pasta pocket full of mashed potatoes and special polish cheese.  The thing I miss most from Poland, food-wise.
-Bigos = hearty and tasty sauerkraut stew with tomato base and about 4 types of pork
-Mushroom soup = nothing like Campbell's (in a good way).
-Obwarzanek = what Krakowians claim is the original bagel.  They make 180,000 a day and sell them from little food carts all around old town.  They're sooo good!

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