Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Second Life, by RJ Crayton

Second Life, by R.J. Crayton

From the Book Cover:

After helping friend Kelsey flee the country in Life First, Susan Harper is being held captive by the government in the thrilling sequel, Second Life. As the normally feisty Susan’s hopes of freedom dwindle, a mysterious stranger sneaks into her room and promises to help her.

Susan and mystery man Rob grow close as he tries to orchestrate her escape. When the duo discovers the truth behind Susan’s captivity, they realize she is in grave danger, and they must act quickly. Susan and Rob will need more than passion for each other and their wits to succeed. They will need help from old friends, including Kelsey.

Susan gave Kelsey a chance at a second life, but will she get her own?

My Review:

I enjoyed First Life, and also Second Life, the sequel.  I would have preferred the book to center a little more heavily on the suspense and dystopian aspects, and a little less on the romance, but that’s mostly a personal preference.  Still, I think the romance got in the way of the plot sometimes, and the arguments between Susan and Rob could have maybe been trimmed. 

The errors and punctuation quirks weren’t frequent or distracting enough to detract from the story, and the writing was good.

Susan’s first few chapters really drew me in, and the story kept me reading.  I finished it faster than any other book I’ve read recently, which is always a good sign with me.

Though Rob was a little too perfect, I really enjoyed seeing the gray areas within the characters of Dr. Grant and Dr. Patricia Donnelly.

Second Life is an enjoyable book, with some great tension, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes their dystopian seasoned with a lot of romance.


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