Friday, April 11, 2014

Czech Republic vs Arizona Round 2

The Current Temperature and Forecast in Glendale, Arizona today--APRIL 11!!!

The Current Temperature and Forecast in Prague, Czech Republic.
The current temp isn't fair, since it's near the hottest part of the day in Arizona and the middle of the night in the Czech Republic, but compare the forecasts.

And the point goes decide.

I know that a lot of the world is recovering from winter, and hating the cold, but my point still goes to the Czech Republic.  Ninety-four (thirty-four Celsius) isn't so bad in the summer.  But April 11 shouldn't be summer.  What other people may consider "spring," I think of as the season of "dreading summer."  

However, everyone's different.  I saw someone walking down the street in a sweatshirt today, in 94 degrees.

I live in the wrong place.

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