Monday, October 28, 2013

Far-Knowing, a new fantasy novel by Melinda Brasher

Nothing holds more danger than the things you think you know.

Kallinesha, daughter of the High Commander, with glory on her mind and duty in her blood, knows many things.  She knows that her father is the noblest man in the kingdom.  She knows that hard work and study trump raw magical talent, even talent as strong as that of her cowardly commoner companion, Ista.  She also knows that she can kill the ruthless Chaos Mage and prove herself worthy of her family name.

Ista, daughter of a city baker, knows a few things too.  She knows that Kallinesha has no heart and that none of the protectors can be trusted.  Most importantly, she knows that her beloved mage mistress is never wrong, and sending them out here alone to face the Chaos Mage must therefore be right, no matter how it terrifies her.
The man they pursue knows only that he won't let two inexperienced girls ruin everything.

They're all wrong.


by Melinda Brasher

Available November 1, 2013

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