Sunday, August 18, 2013

Leaving Home, by Melinda Brasher

Available now:  Leaving Home, my collection of short stories, flash fiction, and travel essays.

Love Mysteries and Thrillers?  Read about a blackmailer who makes a mistake, a businesswoman who reluctantly smuggles drugs, an internet romance that may not be what it seems, and a vacationer living in fear on a cruise ship.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Fan?  You'll especially enjoy "Ethereal," where fairy godmother magic comes from an unexpected source.  In other stories, a pirate boy finds love, a scientist studies mermaids, and a maiden leaves her tower.

Short on Time?  Try the several pieces of flash fiction, which deliver complete stories in under two minutes.

Like to Discover New Places and Cultures while you Read?  I've captured some of my favorite travel moments, like the day I played bridge with five tipsy Polish retirees and the morning I hiked through Mayan ruins in darkness in order to see the sun rise over the jungle.  I touch on communism in Eastern Europe, the importance of a traveler's towel, and the international language of dance. 

Just Want a Good Story?  Feel the pain of a young father leaving home, a jealous sister whose revenge backfires, and a daughter struggling for her father's acceptance.  Enjoy "On the Train to Warsaw," a contest-winning story about a group of strangers who learn to see each other differently when their train breaks down in the middle of a snowy winter.

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  1. I have finished reading Leaving Home this last weekend. Your stories have a haunting quality that have stayed with me. I can't wait to read more of your work.