Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why on Earth do I live in Phoenix?

I hate the heat.

I love wearing scarves and gloves and walking to work through the snow.  I like having to carry my jacket with me on summer evenings.  I love rainstorms.  

So why on Earth--with its many places that aren't as hot as Phoenix--do I live here?  

It was 96 degrees Fahrenheit this morning at 9:00AM.  June 2.  Pretty soon we'll begin our 93 so so consecutive days of 100-118 degree temps, where it never gets anywhere near cool even in the middle of the night.  I have a friend in Colorado--the Rocky Mountain part--and it snowed there last week.  In late May.  Oklahoma's been terrorized by deadly destructive tornadoes lately.  I remember weeks on end in Poland where the daytime highs never rose above freezing. 

Everywhere has its pros and cons, and everyone has different tolerances.  I have friends here in Phoenix who are like, "yeah, it's a little hot" while I'm struggling to even breathe through the blast-furnace heat, and would literally die if I had to work outside in it for 8 hours at my job.  These same people think they're going to die when it dips to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, while I'm skipping around happy as a lark, walking around in short sleeves.  When it rains for two days in a row here, the newscaster are like, "When will this EVER END?"  They should spend a few months in Ketchikan or Seattle.  

I think the trick is to try to find a place where the bad things about the weather are the things you personally don't mind so much.  Give me five months of sub-freezing temperatures over 5 months of 100 plus temperature any day.

I need to move.  


  1. If you don't like the weather in America, then maybe you are guilty of un-American sentiments! Maybe you should just leave and go live in Czechoslovakia with all of the other Communists!

    - Obnoxious Troll

  2. Remember, Czechoslovakia is now two countries: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The majority of people aren't communist anymore. Besides, I think we sometimes get a rather distorted vision of communism, due mainly to the Cold War. In many countries, the communist party is all about social equality and the rights of the workers. It's not about dictators and secret police and killing people. Stalin and his successors really messed things up, on the PR side, for all future communists.