Friday, April 12, 2013

"The Second Time We Met," by Leila Cobo

I picked up The Second Time We Met completely at random, from the library display shelf while I was waiting in line.  I love the anticipation of that type of book selection.  Will it be good?  Will I fall in love with the characters?  Will the story capture me?  Will I wonder why on earth it's published?  Much better than unwrapping a Christmas present.

The Second Time We Met, by Leila Cobo, begins in a humble village in Colombia, where protective fathers try to keep their daughters away from the handsome young guerillas encamped around town.  It doesn't work.

Years later, happy and well-adjusted young Asher faces a crisis in his life.  For the first time, he really begins to wonder about his birth mother.  

Thus begins the search.

It's a beautifully written book.  I didn't connect with Asher as well as I wanted, and it slowed at times, but I really felt I knew Rita and her life and Colombian surroundings.  

The very last page was a bit of a jar.  I actually turned the page expecting more.  The ending in general, however, was well done:  not everything tied up in perfect bows, but enough of a resolution to satisfy the reader.

My rating:  4

I would read more of Leila Cobo's work.  Click here to buy The Second Time We Met.       


  1. This book sounds familiar. Maybe I've read another review. I think I will give it a try.