Friday, July 27, 2012

Suspicious Activity in Canada

Hi all,

If you tried to access this blog the last few weeks, you won't have found it.  The reason?  Blogger detected suspicious activity on my account and blocked it (how sweet).  Unfortunately, I was out of contact in Alaska for two weeks and didn't realize it.  Then I didn't have both internet and phone access at the same time to restore it until now.  

Here's the kicker:  the night before I left for Alaska, I made a post from my hostel in Vancouver, Canada.  I wonder if THAT was the suspicious activity.  Ooh...this travel blog girl made a post from another country!  One as exotic and distant as Canada.  How suspicious!  Sometimes I really wonder about technology.  

One of the few charges my credit card ever blocked was when I tried to buy $10 worth of Skype credit.  I'd bought Skype credit before, so I had a history of it.  It was TEN dollars.  Yet they tried to protect me from myself.  It's a complicated world.    

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